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Arina Aristova

3 years

«Perhaps it all happened in my life to channel my boundless energy in the right direction”, - said at the very end of our conversation Arishina mother. And the question was about how she learned to cope with those problems that threw her fate. A sick child, a special child – the problem? Valentina a philosophical approach, and she should learn from those who are difficult.

for some reason I wanted to start this story with my mother, maybe, illness of the child, his complicated diagnosis is always a shock to parents, because the child never lived in another capacity and can not compare his condition to "normal". Mom and dad on a child's life is the happiest plans, but fate disposed of otherwise. Valentine was able to make a feature of your daughter is not discouraged and tries to do everything to cure Arina – only and long-awaited. She has a daughter without a husband to help her grandparents and sister live in a big happy family!cerebral palsy diagnosed Arina 3 months old, and subsequently one of the courses injecting provoked the first attack of epilepsy, then the baby was 7 months. Now Arisha it happens to 10 seizures a day, they are not strong, so the girl even attends a kindergarten for 3 hours a day. Longer will not leave first, illness second, Arina she does not eat, not even chewing, she needs only mashed foods. Helps specialized nutrition "Pediasure" with him, she is not starving.

Arina sitt

"Positive" - short and very visual feature of a daughter of my mom's mouth! Despite their diagnoses, Arina is very sociable, loves the company of people, children, trips to the cinema and theatre. Restless, its limit – 3 minutes, says Valentine, now they are working on the development of memory and attention. But there is Arisky and real talent – delicate ear for music, any song she will repeat accurately, not sing (she has speech disturbances and is), but the melody will reproduce exactly.

Recently, they have been in regular consultation with a neurologist, it became clear that the child with a positive prognosis, which was recovering slowly, but went ahead, was "a complicated case". In the brain MRI results of the Moscow doctors saw the lesion that causes epidiascope in question is a malformation of the brain.

Arina Now need to go to Moscow to make high-tech MRI at the Russian children's clinical hospital, the results will show whether surgery to remove from the brain of this center. The issue is complex, surgery can cause complications.

We are asking you to help pay for most MRI and anesthesia, hospital and travel tickets to Moscow and back. Valentine, mother Arisha, not working, and she really needs the support!

to help Arina, requires 91 933 rubles.