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78 356i

Pionirska Maya

.6 months

Maya recently came to light. long-Awaited pregnancy turned into a real torment. Constant toxemia, impaired blood flow, preeclampsia. All this has caused fetal hypoxia - lack of oxygen. the First cry of baby was heard only after about five minutes. Instead the first touch of the warm and dear mother – a terrible cold ventilator. Without it, the girl couldn't breathe the first month. 
The girl is now breathing with a tracheostomy. But it prevents the girl live and enjoy life, explore the world. For a tube through which the baby breathes, needs constant care and supplies. Also be sure the necessary "artificial nose", because of the natural breath in the nose, there are processes of moistening, cleaning and warming the air. In the absence of these processes, the air full of dust and germs, enters directly into the throat and infect the baby. 

   in Addition to the "nose" can't do without aspirator. Phlegm that accumulates in the throat can not get out naturally and prevent the normal passage of air. Amid the lack of oxygen is compounded by the condition of the Central nervous system. Terrible cramps occur twice a day and sometimes more often. At night, the mother wakes up from that kid rolls his eyes, arching legs and arms. My heart bleeds when I see the suffering of their child, and can't help. 
Without your help Maya not cope. First and foremost, you need to create a full breathing process. And for that you need to buy a suctioner and supplies for tracheostomy. The price is 78 356 rubles. We very much hope for your help!